The exhibition of Asian Energy Week has finished! Bangkok has been leaved with its all memories behind — but still kept in mind. A week was just a short time to stay in that “city of angels”. And it exactly was not enough to go along its streets, enjoy its nice places, and try all sky trains and subways; or feel traditional massage that met in every soi*.

But, life must go on. And every legend has the end.

At 16.15 pm of 23rd Apr, our Airbus A-300-600 of Thai Airways from Jakarta landed on runway of Suvarnabhumi Bangkok airport. It was an international airport called “The Hub of South East Asia” with 120 parking bays and 5 of these were capable of accommodating the Airbus A-380 aircraft. When entered in the airport building, we felt like in the Star War film building. The design was so futuristic.

Suvarnabhumi airport
Suvarnabhumi airport

Pict: Suvarnabhumi Bangkok Airport. The 2nd photo is the 1st winner of Suvarnabhumi Airport Photo Award.

In 30 minutes, we went to Imperial Hotel, the place where the exhibition was held. Almost all signs in the streets were written in Thai language and Thai letter. Whoever would be lost in the stranged planet like this. Fortunately, although Sukhumvit Road was so crowded that afternoon, but our taxi finally reached the hotel on Sukhumvit Soi 22 before sunset.

And … it was the night that we were in busy to prepare the booth, searching muslim food for dinner, and then sleep in tired till morning.

The exhibition was opened at the next day, 24th Apr. There were about 30 booths from 30 companies in the world participating in the exhibition and about 500 delegates involving in conferences in three tracks. The exhibition was taking place in Queen’s Park ballroom, one of the biggest room of Imperial Hotels for international event.

Exhibition of Asian Energy Week

Pict: Exhibition room; our booth is over there in the corner.

The exhibition was held between 09.00 am until 19.00 pm. Delegates would visit to exhibition room on every break for coffee-break nor having a lunch. On 24th April, the exhibition was just opened for official delegates. But, on another days, it was opened for delegates and public visitors.

Delegates that visited our booth were coming from Thailand (PEA, MEA, Mitsubishi Electronic, EGAT, Thailand Power Energy, etc), Malaysia, Singapore, Bhutan, Brunei Darussalam, USA, Macau, India, Germany, Italia, Saudi Arabia, China, and Indonesia.

Coming back to Indonesia on 27th morning, Asian Energy Week exhibition at least has given us many experiences and homeworks: how to join in the international event, how to create an effective presentation especially for international visitors, how important for us to have a capability in speaking english and other international language, how wide our competition in the international markets in the same field of us, etc.